Turnarounds & M+A

Betting the Company?  Whether you do $500 million or $5 million annually, we can help.  We know the construction industry.  We know corporations, sole proprietors, and family ownership.  Our client is you and the Company.  Bring us in to help you get back on track.  We turnaround construction companies by providing resolution in areas including:


  • Weakened surety support
  • Line of credit – calling of the line
  • Improving cash flow

Interim Executive Support

  • Unscheduled departure of financial or operations executive
  • Immediate need for third-party oversight

Subcontractor and Vendor Relations

  • Strained relationships
  • C.O.D. status
  • Payment plan structuring

Mergers and Acquisitions – Buyer?  We advise buyers who may be looking to enter the civil construction arena with general industry advice, or we can dig deep into a construction company by assessing management team competence, processes/controls, and even reputation.

Seller?  If you are selling your company and need help getting the Company properly presented to a potential offeror, let our CM&AA-certified staff help in your preparation.  We know what buyers often look for in a purchase from client and industry diversification to capital position.  The experience and management structure, as well as your financial strength and processes all, play into increasing your marketability and financial valuation.