Engineer, Architect, & Legal Support

We assist designers in any phase of a project to add construction expertise to the suite of services to owners.  Attorneys benefit from our knowledge of construction means and methods, engineering principles, and their integration with construction law.

Engineers’ Estimates

  • True contractor estimates. Not unit priced from a book, but a true count of manhours with use of specific equipment.
  • Designers can expect to see proposals very similar to ours on bid day.
  • Full takeoff and pricing of civil works along with assumptions and clarifications to our “bid”.

Constructability Reviews

  • We mitigate RFIs, potential claims, and drawing omissions and provide them to you in a discrete list for your review and consideration.
  • Red-lining of your drawings and project specifications save hours of construction administrative time and prevent delay and scope changes that could cost thousands or millions of dollars.
  • Our reviews mitigate schedule delays by addressing, prior to bid day, the likely obstacles for the Contractor.