Cash v. Accrual Accounting – Whatchu Talkin’ About Willis?

Executive summary.  There are basic differences between cash and accrual accounting.  Here’s a quick review. What is accounting?  Sounds simple, right?  It’s just keeping track of money in a business.  And money only does one of two things – it either goes in the bank account, or out of the […]

If Cash is King, Time’s the Queen

Executive Summary. Time for any business is critical, perhaps more so in construction than many other industries. The role of time and its effect on a contractor are discussed here. Cash is king. Most construction companies have seen times when cash has been tight. If you can’t manage cash, it’s a […]

Owners Need to Stop Expecting Filet Mignon on a Hamburger Budget

Executive Summary: An August 19th, 2017 cover page headline in The Economist magazine reads Construction: the least efficient industry. Their general position on our industry’s efficiency I didn’t think was far off, but the blame was misplaced. Owners need to help turn this industry. For their own sake, not just […]