Utes and Bunds: Working in New Zealand

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Executive Summary

Civil construction is the same, but different, in New Zealand. Some terms and methods which vary from American civil construction follow.

Give me a little bit about New Zealand?

New Zealand is a country with about 5,000,000 people in it. This is roughly the population of Alabama in the United States, or British Columbia in Canada. It has two main islands, the North Island and the South Island, separated by the Cook Straight. It’s at the south end of Australia, out to the East about 1,200 miles. [QR]

Construction Vocabulary

Some of their heavy/civil construction vocabulary and definition follow:

New ZealandUnited States
UtePickup truck
BundSmall mound of earth (like a diversion mound for erosion control)
Fleet, cartageTrucking or Hauling
RoadingRoadway/subgrade construction
MoxyArticulated dumptruck or offroader
ShieldTrench box or trench shield
Water cartWater truck
Meters and tonnesFeet and tons
Kerb and channelCurb and gutter
SoakpitInfiltration pond

We also talked about bonding which does appear to exist, but it far less common than in America.

My Story

This little excerpt was provided by my recent interaction with a contractor client. I’ll be speaking with them again next month and perhaps there’ll be a part 2!

Work Safe!

Have you worked in either New Zealand or Australia?