Training & Software

Our experts in estimating, specifically HCSS products, can optimize your use of the software. We also have 2D and 3D software services to assist in your proposal preparation.

  • HCSS HeavyBid – training, codebooks, tips and tricks – we employ one of only six HCSS contract trainers for HeavyBid [ see Scott Jennings at ]. We offer hourly screen sharing help, remote codebook assistance, or on-site training for classes of one to any size!
  • HCSS HeavyJob – assistance in optimizing handoff from HCSS HeavyBid or from your accounting software into HCSS HeavyJob or exported out of HCSS HeavyJob. We help you use labor, equipment, and material data better than you currently do!
  • Runjob Software – Runjob Software, Inc. provides construction management documentation and asset management for your construction company. Track bid opportunities, common documents (RFIs, submittals, PCOs, and their respective auto-logging functions).  Runjob’s asset management uses your smartphone and QR code labels with or without NFC technology to track your assets on demand!
  • Benefit from our strong relationships with Runjob Software (SaaS construction documentation and asset management) and Stack Construction Technologies (on screen two-dimensional area, line, and count collaborative takeoff) by clicking here to receive a $100 discount at purchase:

Runjob Software         Stack Construction Takeoff