Remote Training HCSS HeavyBid

Scott Jennings, PE - HCSS On-site & Remote Training

Scott Jennings, P.E. is one of only a handful of HCSS contract trainers, offering both on-site and remote training. This means that HCSS trusts Scott to implement and train new and existing customers in HCSS HeavyBid. So you can know that you’ll be in good hands during your on-site or remote training session!

As veteran of the heavy/civil construction industry, Scott helps all levels of estimators from beginner to expert. Whether you need a quick hour of help on something you think can be done better, or you want a remote training or on-site classroom session assembled, we can help you design your time.


Here are some offerings for your consideration:

  • Miscellaneous Skills – By the hour or assembled in a multiple-hour session. Learn how to incorporate or become better within certain areas of HeavyBid including:
    • Estimate Entry
    • Setups – Labor, Equipment, and Crew
    • Quote Folders
    • Spreadsheet Calcs
    • Holding Accounts
    • Bid Reviews
    • Queries
    • Creating Proposals
    • Bid Item Import
    • Bid Closing
    • Use of Filters and Field Tagging
    • Reports
  • The Master Estimate (4 to 8 hours) – Learn why, or why not, to have multiple Master Estimates in HeavyBid and improve your Master Estimate by understanding the various setups in HeavyBid. Each estimate going forward starts with the same baseline data.
  • Codebook Improvement (4 to 16 hours) – Understand better the available fields in the material, activity, and bid item codebooks in HeavyBid. Learn how to use them in your everyday estimating to increase bidding efficiency.
  • Codebook Writing (hours TBD) – This is more of a consultative service than a remote training. Scott can offer the actual writing of your material, activity, and / or bid item codebooks for HeavyBid. This requires an initial meeting and periodic check-ins to help guide the process. The effort required corresponds to the codebook(s) requested and level of detail.

Contact Scott at (808) 271-5150 or to discuss what you’d like to learn and to set up a remote training or on-site session time.  If you’re ready to go, click below to see pricing!