Litigation Support

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The construction industry is litigious. Many disputes cannot be settled at the job level, and many of them result in being settled in a legal arena of some sort.

Whether it is mediation, arbitration, or in a courtroom, SJ Construction Consulting, LLC has the legal experience and the needed written and oral communication skills to provide the legal team with the best information possible to win the case for their client.

We are able to provide contractors’ or owners’ attorneys with expert testimony or just general technical support.

Expert Testimony

Mr. Jennings has only been in one industry his entire career – heavy/civil construction.

He has worked for large and small construction companies from the east coast, across the country, and in Hawaii. He has held nearly every significant construction position in the industry from field engineer to chief executive officer.

His has both bachelors and masters degrees in civil engineering and is a registered professional civil engineer in Washington, Hawaii, and California.

He is published on matters of construction by such organizations as American Society of Civil Engineers, National Utility Contractors Association, and Associated Builders & Contractors.

His extensive experience in claim preparation, mediation, and various other legal disputes has prepared him well to provide expert testimony on behalf of clients across the country.

Finally, Mr. Jennings has a smooth and controlled temperament. He has experienced extreme levels of stress on jobsites and as a construction business owner. He is not easily rattled and responds well to high pressure situations.

Attorney Support

Mr. Jennings has been involved in many different types of construction including bridge, roadway, wastewater treatment, environmental, communication tower, foundation, mass grading, and pump station. In order to build these projects, he has had to learn many different construction means and methods. He has also had to become proficient in not only the work of his own forces, but also the work of his subcontractors.

Mr. Jennings’ breadth of experience, technical education, and excellent communication skills combine to result in the simple explanation of complex construction and engineering principles. This simple presentation provides lawyers with the necessary ammunition to defend or prosecute the opposition.