Construction Management

Construction Management

With over twenty-five (25) years of progressive experience from field engineer to Division Manager, Mr. Jennings is well qualified to assist in every aspect of project management. His knowledge base can become one of the biggest off-the-balance sheet assets to a contractor, owner, or construction management firm.

After the project is won, the contractor needs a smart and responsible team to execute the project safely and profitably. SJ Construction Consulting, LLC (SJCC) can play a strategic role in developing your staff and the controls they use to execute the project.

On the owner and construction management side, SJCC’s familiarity with construction and contractors can reduce change orders and minimize project duration.

Below is more detail on services we provide for contractors, owners, and construction managers.

Controls Management

Controls in the construction industry are critical to contractor success. We specialize in document controls on the jobsite and have expertise in executing and/or incorporating the following into your projects:

  • Letters
  • Submittals
  • RFIs (requests for information)
  • Transmittals
  • PCO (potential change order) tracking
  • PCO pricing and negotiation
  • Change orders (from owner and to subcontractors/suppliers)
  • Subcontracts and purchase orders
  • Pay applications

We can provide onsite expertise during demanding and challenging times of the year when you cannot find qualified staff to assist with your needs.  In addition, we can audit your company’s current controls and provide quality insight.

Value Engineering

Value engineering (VE) is the process by which a contractor makes a proposal to the owner which satisfies the intent of the design while providing a reduction in cost to the owner. This process starts after the contract has been awarded to the contractor. Usually there is a proportional sharing of cost savings to the owner (and the contractor) which may or may not be defined in the contract.

Some examples of successful VE proposals we have been involved in include:

  • Change in material type of large diameter pipe fittings from stainless steel to concrete cylinder pipe (savings in material costs)
  • Reduction in number of flanges in an overwater pipe installation (savings in material and labor costs)
  • Change in marine deck substructure from precast piles to stick-built light gauge structural steel (savings in equipment costs – no more pile driving equipment, now just small hoisting equipment for steel erection)
  • Change in manufacturer from another continent to this continent (reduced shipping costs)

We find that this can be of great value to the contractor and his client. It can provide a reduction in schedule and cost which benefits all of the project parties.

Assistance in Design/Build

Design/build construction is a project management delivery method where the owner hires a team composed of a contractor and a designer. The project is handed to the winning team in concept only – there are few if any plans and specifications. From initial information from the owner, the contractor/designer team is tasked with designing the job and then constructing it.

The process is an iterative one. The contractor and designer work together to design and price and then design again and price again. The projects can be very high paced as schedules are often so tight that an engineer is posted on the site to help with immediate needs by the construction team.

SJCC has the technical background and construction experience to add significant value to this process. We have been involved in design/build projects for wastewater treatment, radioactive waste effluent piping, marine platform installation, and multi-span bridge work.

Invite us to your project to brainstorm ideas, push your designer, or help with change order pricing.