Contractor Intake Form

Thank you for choosing SJ Construction Consulting, LLC (SJCC) to assist you with your contractor application. Please take a moment to complete the necessary information below.

We realize that some of the information on this form may be of a sensitive nature and want to assure you that all sensitive information will be handled accordingly and afforded the highest security. If you are uncomfortable with completing the sensitive information and wish not to provide it online, please contact Monique Kelsey directly at (254) 833-1253.

Credit card information is necessary to pay certain fees associated with completing the application. Some of these fees are, but not limited to: application fees, credit report fees, fees for a Certificate of Good Standing, etc. Before any amounts are charged to your credit card you will receive a phone call, email, or text message in regards to the fee and the amount. For nominal fees (less than $20), we will notify you of the charge only but will not wait for an authorization on your behalf unless otherwise directed by you.