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ESCP Coordination

All new City & County of Honolulu building permits will require an Erosion & Sediment Control Plan to be reviewed and approved prior to the issue of a Building Permit. SJ Construction Consulting, LLC has a Certified ESCP Coordinator on staff to develop a project ESCP, coordinate, execute, and monitor […]

Business Information

Office Contacts Honolulu:  Scott Jennings, (808) 271-5150, sj@sjcivil.comSeattle:  Rob Bonnett, rb@sjcivil.comBoise:  Patrick Mullen, pm@sjcivil.comAtlanta:  Monique Kelsey, SJCC employs individuals with the following credentials: Professional Engineering Certifications State of Hawaii, Professional Engineer (Civil) State of California, Professional Engineer (Civil)State of Washington, Professional Engineer (Civil) State of North Carolina, Professional Engineer (Civil) State of South Carolina, Professional Engineer […]

SJCC Toolbox Terms & Glossary

Listen to our podcast for new terms and check out our glossary below. Click on a term to find articles that reference that term. Glossary of Terms A Aggregate – Coarse material such as sand, gravel, or other crushed rock. Often used as a substrate or base course. Artics – […]